i really need my usual three days off back because one day every 6 days off is not enough time to bounce back mentally from that place. im tired, im worn out, and mine is the only schedule that changed because the manager helped out at another store. so yeah, working 7 days then getting one off then working 6 days…im just tired and dont wanna deal with customers while my fuse is running low :/

today starts another (at least) 4 days of work. the schedule isnt up yet for next week, but i swear i need to have my usual days back.

getting real tired of the being the one who gets the shit hours because one of the keyholders doesnt like working weekends. NEWFLASH: none of us like working weekends. hell i dont even wanna be there during the week tbh. dont wanna be there at all. working in retail in a shit area might be okay for some to stay, but i wanted more for myself than this. or at the very least, treated like what i say matters.

i distinctly remember saying that i would be willing to work every OTHER sunday and i remember them saying they could work with that and would find a way to make it work, even if they had to call in another cashier from another store. and i have been put down for every sunday since the middle of june except for the one before my birthday. (they wanted to make sure their favorite girl got her hours in before going on vacation a couple weeks ago.)

sometimes i feel like i live to complain about things, but i dont feel like this is one of those times.

i just need to find a place that wont treat me like crap because im nice. (i really feel thats why theyre doing it. they know i dont like confrontation, so theyre putting me for so many hours and not putting anyone else in them because im the easiest target.)




I think im going to make this just a personal blog so its not inactive. i dont wanna lose this name as it is still very dear to me, and really i had a fear that someone in my family found my main blog.

maybe it’d just be best to get some things out on here instead, yeah?

*hugs* So if someone was to ever tag you in nsfw art, which would they use?

*hugs and doesnt let go* hmmmmm

maybe this one? really either one is fine :D